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Against The Tide - Drinking in Ireland

Home of the Black Stuff. The Drunken Irish. The craic. Paddies Day - to name just a few of the associations non-natives would link to our Emerald Isle – tacking onto the theme of our fondness for the gargle.

As a country, the drinking culture in Ireland pervades every social occasion, not least in our capital city. Booze has been the familiar guest at our most celebrated of occasions. Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries – in fact, any event which brings people together to mark a ‘special’ occasion. Our guest is such the social butterfly and loyal stalwart that he’ll also able to attend events markedly contrasting with joyous occasions – wakes, funerals - even if it’s only you, he’ll be there.

The juggernaut multi-billion dollar drinks industry has found novel